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Chvr | Naming, Strategy & Brand identity

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Financial growth opportunities in inflationary economies with Chvr

Chvr is a social brand that leads the creation of alliances and meaningful relationships to promote the social development of the most vulnerable communities in Venezuela.

Economic instability demanded from this vision an identity that would be able to adjust to the changing scenario of the country, and allow it to adapt its business model to the constant inflationary peaks that impact the entire population.

Naming: A word that represents
our values and who we are

«Chvr» is an ingenious way to symbolize a word of daily use in Venezuela: Chévere. It has a predominant phonetic and a strong relation to positivism and good vibes: a clear reference to the charisma of Venezuelans.

This name is faithful to the social character of the brand, and strengthens the idea of being a close friend for users. «We grow together», the philosophy that follows.

The result is a modern and representative name, which with ingenuity and proximity can be used in the daily life of its allies.

Creating an entrepreneurial, social and corporate insignia

The inhabitants of the neighborhoods in Venezuela have the opportunity to form groups of five and apply for a Chvr Credit. With which they can purchase quality imported products at affordable prices, and thus create a network of local businesses that contribute to the economic benefit of the family.

Our identity had to be able to communicate effectively with other businesses, but mainly: with people. Where collaboration will be the key to success.

In its original language, the term chévere or chébere means brave, the strongest, or simply hard-headed, insolent.

In Cuban music, in general in bolero and son, the word changes its meaning, and over the years the word took on the figure and strength of everything related to good, pleasant, great, excellent, funny, elegant, etc.



We decided to create two proposals for our client. In one we opted for a close, fun and simple identity. Its counterpart was a more corporate vision and a close relationship with its users.

Diverse, versatile and accessible colors

Chvr has a color palette capable of representing the different initiatives designed for the business, as well as sending a warm message to its community through the chosen shades.

It is a palette faithful to its entrepreneurial character, which understands that the most valuable asset for its success and profitability are the people who carry its vision to each of its communities.

Messages that carry the weight of a life of hardship

Chvr is a channel of opportunities in a nation where political, economic and social instability has forgotten the most vulnerable sectors of the country.

We use sans serif and easy-to-read typographies, which facilitate the dissemination of information and connect immediately with its recipients.

Chvr tells real stories, and motivates the community to join this wave of support, growth and collaboration. We work and grow together.

Comprehensive communications with a memorable identity

To further strengthen the brand identity within informative spaces, we developed an icon system that represents key practices of the Chvr community in their day-to-day collaboration with the brand.

We created a concept around the isotype. One hand, five fingers, five circles together representing: Community, collaboration and growth.

We create spaces to share and grow together

Chvr is a brand that puts the value of people above everything else. We believe in credit as a means of support for people’s development.

For this reason, we focused our attention on the most precarious neighborhoods and areas of the country, since this sector does not have the possibility of accessing the credit system through banks.

By creating trust and offering the opportunity to grow together, the brand becomes a unique channel of access to microcredits, focused on generating group undertakings that favor the development of the community.

Conclusion and learnings

We provided Chvr with all the strategic, visual and communicative tools to make its vision a reality, and position itself as an innovative model for social development through microcredits.

We are confident that the identity chosen for this project is appropriate and will make an impact on its wide audience.

We learned the importance of leaving sketchbooks aside and focusing more on the business expectation that our client required. Guaranteeing coherence in all the deadlines to take this company to all the Venezuelan territory.